Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Annie leibovitz questions

1. Describe what a pinhole camera is and explain how it works. A pinhole camera is the simplest camera possible. It consists of a light-proof box, some sort of film and a pinhole. The pinhole is simply an extremely small hole like you would make with the tip of a pin in a piece of thick aluminum foil. The pinhole in a pinhole camera acts as the lens. The pinhole forces every point emitting light in the scene to form a small point on the film, so the image is crisp.

2. Write a short biography of Annie Leibovitz and her photography. Born in 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut, Annie Leibovitz enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute intent on studying painting. It was not until she traveled to Japan with her mother the summer after her sophomore year that she discovered her interest in taking photographs. When she returned to San Francisco that fall, she began taking night classes in photography. Time spent on a kibbutz in Israel allowed her to hone her skills further. She photographs famous stars for rolling stones magazine. she is a very famous photographer.

3. Who were some of the famous people she photographed? Ellen DeGeneres, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Clinton, Scarlett Johannson etc.

4. Post your favorite Leibovitz image to your blog.

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